Екатерина Костинская (kathy_kostinsky) wrote in beadwork,
Екатерина Костинская

Loomed portrait

Hello, everybody!
I haven't posted for ages, for almost haven't made anything beaded this year. This is because last autumn I became mum for the fourth time and have been quite busy with all my two girls and two boys.
But in winter I at last started a big bead project - a black-and-white portrait of my best friend Mum portrait. Before it I had used only Czech seed beads in portraits, but there are only one shade of grey Czech beads I can find in Moscow. so I had decided to try Tho bads, though they are much more expensive. I managed to buy 10 shades of black, grey and white and started working. As I almost all the time have my sweet son David in my arms, the work woved slowly. Sometimes my husband helped me and played with the boy, sometimes my older children did.
Sometimes I loomed with the baby on my knees.
And at last the work has been finished and I presented it.
Here is the portrait
Tags: beads, designs, loomwork
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